Race Recap: Mosquito Festival

The Mosquito Festival is held ever year in Clute, TX. And there are lots of mosquitoes. One of my favorite festival events is the Mosquito Chase 5k. Besides the Firecracker 4 Miles on July 4th, the Mosquito Chase 5k usually has the worst weather for racing. This year was no excepction. It was hot, sticky, humid and on the verge of raining. This race usually results in the worst running times for me…and it didn’t help that I haven’t really trained much this year.

My theme for this race was, “slower than turtles stampeding through peanut butter.” And I lived up to that. I decided it was easier to encourage the people around me to run faster than run faster my self. I was a running cheer leader, melting a long the way. The good news is I ran the entire race, finished the race, and got my workout in for the day. Until next year pesky mosquitoes!


Lucky number 13!

2013-0727 Mosquito Chase Header & Results

Mosquito Chase 5k Results


Post race refueling.


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