Perfectly Planned: Planning for a new year!

I always enjoy the holidays. A cozy time of year with friends and family and the excitement of a new year is just around the corner. Who knows what new adventures we will go on in 2017. With those adventures comes the opportunity to plan new activities, set new goals and start a new. The hard part is maintaining the enthusiasm during the rest the year. The human spirit is resilient. We start over even if we fail. 

What will you start in the new year?

My focus areas, new and old, are: health and fitness, family, organization (planners, house, work), photography and reading!

Cheers to a prosperous 2016 holiday season and and enthusiasm start to 2017!


Adventure in Killing Plants: Dried Basil

Old post from 2013….just posting now. 

We have grown basil in our garden for the past two years. This year the basil plant is very happy and growing like crazy. It’s hard to keep up with the plant to try to catch it before it flowers. They say that the basil becomes too bitter if it flowers before picking. This means I pick some basil every 3 days.  We’ve made a few rounds of pesto (and froze it) and I have also dehydrated some basil. I like using the dried (or fresh) basil on pizza and spaghetti sauce.


I use a Nesco dehydrator and arrange the leaves on the trays after washing them.  Then I run the dehydrator for 24-30 hrs at 105 F. Some say basil can be dried in less than 24 hrs…but that’s not true in hot and humid Texas.


Fresh basil ready to be dehyrdated

Race Recap: Monster Dash 5k

It’s Halloween Time! What a better time to dress up in costume  AND dress your dog up in costume! As you can see below, Bella loves being in costume…or at least that is what I tell myself.


We had just gotten back from Italy the night before. I was worried I’d be too tired to run the Monster Dash, luckily jet lag was on the races side and we woke up at 5 am ready to hit the ground running. The weather was warmer than expected but it was still a lovely day! We thought our costumes and our secret weapon (the adorable mushroom) would take the cake! I love dressing up for races and this year’s costumes were an awesome Mario & Luigi & Mushroom combo.  And as the weather gets cool, I expect my 5k times to get faster!


Bella in a pig costume


Our little mushroom.


Maria, Luisa and ‘Shroom


Luigi, Mushroom & Mario


Mustaches in place and ready to race!


Momma and Snugget


Post-race Sucuess!


Mario & a Pig

The results are in...

The results are in…


Furbaby Love: Mustaches

Lately mustaches have become very fashionable…so I got Bella a mustache collar and matching leash. Bella just loves being up to date on the latest dog fashions…or maybe her mommy likes buying her new collars… Either way, she can really sport her collar with mustaches very well.


I mustache you a question


Don’t I look Cute!

Race Recap: Mosquito Festival

The Mosquito Festival is held ever year in Clute, TX. And there are lots of mosquitoes. One of my favorite festival events is the Mosquito Chase 5k. Besides the Firecracker 4 Miles on July 4th, the Mosquito Chase 5k usually has the worst weather for racing. This year was no excepction. It was hot, sticky, humid and on the verge of raining. This race usually results in the worst running times for me…and it didn’t help that I haven’t really trained much this year.

My theme for this race was, “slower than turtles stampeding through peanut butter.” And I lived up to that. I decided it was easier to encourage the people around me to run faster than run faster my self. I was a running cheer leader, melting a long the way. The good news is I ran the entire race, finished the race, and got my workout in for the day. Until next year pesky mosquitoes!


Lucky number 13!

2013-0727 Mosquito Chase Header & Results

Mosquito Chase 5k Results


Post race refueling.