Adventures in killing plants: Dehydrated peaches

Continuing my 5 day streak of processing peaches, todays adventures included preparing peaches to be dehydrated. I cut and or pealed peaches to dehydrate some peaches with skin and some peaches without skin. After cutting the peaches I doused them in lemon juice. The internet says the peaches should be dry in 12-15 hrs at 135 F…when you add in the fact that this is Texas and I can’t cut consistent thickness of a slice, we’ll make that 15-24 hrs!!

With skins.

Without the skins!
After the peaches are dry I’ll use my new toy to vacuum seal them for storage. I love that food saver!

Adventures in Killing Plants: Peach Pie

For round 2 of peaches I made some peach pie. I’ve made lots of apple pie but never peach pie. That hardest parties getting the skin off and cutting the peaches.

The recipe calls for egg on the crust to keep it from getting too mushy…but I don’t think it’s really needed.
After the peaches are all cut up, the sugar/flour/nutmeg is mixed and poured on top of the peaches. 
The peaches are then coated in the sugary goodness.
Then poured into the pie crust.
And then our Peterson Peach Pie is ready for baking!

The finished pie didn’t look as pretty as I wanted it to be, but it sure does taste good!

Adventures in killing plants: I don’t cook often but when I do itinvolves peaches.

We have a peach tree in our back yard and this year we want to take advantage of all the peaches! Last week I canned peaches. First up this week is peach cobbler. Last time I made cobbler it was a failure. Fingers crossed its better this time.

We have so many peaches!
Sliced and ready to go…it takes a long time to get the peaches to this point.
Paul Deen’s recipe calls for a nice layer of butter on the bottom of the pan. 
The cobbler batter is then prepared while being careful of the flour lumps. 
Next the batter is poured on top of the butter and the peaches spooned on top. The batter will rise from below the peaches.
Then a sprinkle of cinnamon and the dessert is ready for baking.