Remodeling Warriors: New Front Entry Curtain

It’s the little victories. I finally changed out the old yellowed lace curtain by our front door with a new crisp white modern curtain. It makes a big difference! It definitely looks better and lets more light in.


Remodeling Warriors: Master Bathroom

We are remodeling warriors. As many of you may know we have been hard at work on remodeling our Texas house. Currently we are working on the master bathroom. We’ve already done A LOT and I’ll try to update those picture as time permits, including the before pictures. Check out our work in progress!
First up, just a small preview of what was there below. The top is the wall paper that was ALL over the bathroom when we moved in. Below is the wall paper we found when we were taking down the lights…must have been the original wall paper. What were they thinking?
Original Wall Paper Samples. 
The old bath tub is gone! Wooden framing is in place to hold up the new granite for the under-mount tub
This it the new shower stall with the green water barrier.

The shower stall with the green barrier membrane and starting to dry fit the floor tile.
Dry fit of the shower floor tile. 
Numbering the tile pieces so we remember where they go.
Tile ready to be installed!

The new shower floor! (minus the grout)
Finally all the wallpaper is gone! (well except that little piece where the light was).

Check out that awesome bathroom light!

More progress updates coming soon!