Adventure in Killing Plants: Dried Basil

Old post from 2013….just posting now. 

We have grown basil in our garden for the past two years. This year the basil plant is very happy and growing like crazy. It’s hard to keep up with the plant to try to catch it before it flowers. They say that the basil becomes too bitter if it flowers before picking. This means I pick some basil every 3 days.  We’ve made a few rounds of pesto (and froze it) and I have also dehydrated some basil. I like using the dried (or fresh) basil on pizza and spaghetti sauce.


I use a Nesco dehydrator and arrange the leaves on the trays after washing them.  Then I run the dehydrator for 24-30 hrs at 105 F. Some say basil can be dried in less than 24 hrs…but that’s not true in hot and humid Texas.


Fresh basil ready to be dehyrdated